Distinguishing Between User Provisioning and User Management

As organisations add users and applications, user access and permissions become more complicated. User provisioning and user management are often confused. To manage user access in your organisation, you must understand the differences.

User provisioning grants or revokes access to applications, systems, and resources based on role, job function, and permissions. Provisioning begins with creating a new user account and giving them access rights to do their job. As needs change, user accounts are updated, modified, and deactivated.

Manage or provide?

User provisioning and management are often confused, but they are distinct. Thus, understanding the difference is crucial when choosing a user provisioning and management solution for your business. Organisations create, modify, and disable user accounts and digital resource access through user provisioning. User management, on the other hand, involves managing user accounts, permissions, and access.

Users, users, everywhere: distinguishing

Imagine users on your website, app, and even in your dreams. You get the idea. User provisioning and user management are important to any business. User provisioning involves creating accounts and providing resources. User management involves password resets, role assignments, and permission changes. A robust user provisioning and management solution can streamline these processes and ensure users have access while maintaining a secure and efficient system.

Management or provisioning?

Managing users requires the right approach. User provisioning and user management may seem similar, but they have differences that can affect your strategy. User provisioning streamlines account creation and assignment so users can start working quickly. User management monitors access levels, permissions, and usage. Thus, when choosing a user provisioning & management solution, consider your goals.

Provisioning and managing

Tired of managing user accounts and access permissions in your organisation? User provisioning and management solution is the answer. User provisioning vs. User management? Jump in. User provisioning involves creating accounts and assigning resources. It’s like giving a new hire a database password. User management maintains accounts and access. As an employee advances, their access permissions change. When do you use each? Provisioning is best for new hires or account creation, while management is best for account maintenance and updates.

User management simplified

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Organisations seeking to streamline identity management must understand the difference between user provisioning and user management. User management ensures that users maintain the right level of access and security over time, while user provisioning creates new users and gives them access to resources. Building and maintaining a house are both necessary but require different skills and attention.

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